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Morocco World News Moroccan COP22 Presidency Lauds Entry into Force of Paris Agreement 10/6/16 Morocco COP22 chairman Salaheddine Mezouar "calls on all state and non state actors in Marrakech to continue this dynamic: the COP22 will be unquestionably the COP of action." No
Washington Post The Paris climate agreement is entering into force. Now comes the hard part. 10/4/16 US former NASA scientist James Hansen "developing expensive new technologies, which do not exist at scale, to actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere." No
All Africa AfDB Helps Morocco Prepare for Cop22 10/21/16 Morocco/AfDB "the AfDB hopes to help Morocco, and other African governments better articulate their position in the UN negotiation process in a way that delivers favorable outcomes to enable Africa adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change"
"The role of water security has moved to the fore since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, particularly with regards to adaptation to climate change..." says Mohamed El Azizi, Director of the Water and Sanitation Department.
Africa News Africanews to offer special coverage of COP22 in Morocco - on TV and online 10/21/16 Morocco "COP22 will include the Marrakech Call to Action, to be made during the high-level segment featuring Heads of State and Government on November 15." No
Morocco World News Paris Agreement on Climate Change to Enter into Force in 30 Days 10/6/16 Morocco "the focus of the Marrakesh Summit will now shift to delivering on the goals of the Paris Agreement, including on-going discussions about how to mobilize increased climate finance for developing countries and ensure parties upgrade their national climate action plans in the coming years."

"With the Agreement in full force, countries can shift their focus from commitment to action. We need to increase investment in sustainable infrastructure and accelerate the uptake of renewable energy. We must create more livable, low-carbon cities and expand the supply of land and forests for carbon storage. We must slash food loss and waste"
The Times of India From Paris to Kigali – India to leapfrog to climate friendly technologies while achieving its development goals 10/6/16 India "Governments from 191 countries have also gathered at the 39th Triennial Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation to discuss curbing of greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector."
" COP22 will have worked out the terms for standardising mitigation verification and ensuring climate financial flow from developed to developing nations"
Nigeria Today COP22: Pre-COP Ministerial Meeting opens in Marrakech 10/18/16 Nigeria " final pillar is to mobilize non-state actors with the goal of institutionalizing their actions under the Global Climate Action Agenda. COP22 will be a COP of action with a special focus on the important contributions of civil-society." No
Vanguard OPEC partners UNFCCC on climate change, sustainable devt, economic diversification 10/18/16 Nigeria “The leaders agreed that enhancement of cooperation between the two organisations is beneficial, particularly since the OPEC Secretariat is an intergovernmental organization representing 14 developing countries, all of which are also Parties to the UNFCCC." No
ESI Africa- Africa's Power Journal COP22 President prepares for next months agenda 10/24/16 "The implementation of the National Determined Contributions (NDCs) is also a central worry, as well as engaging stakeholders from the private sector" No
The Fiji Times Paris deal thumbs up 10/10/16 Fiji ""Governments across the globe must set about meeting the national targets they have set for themselves as soon as possible if we want to keep the temperature limit under 1.5 degrees" No
The Arctic Journal Arctic Council advances environmental protection and sustainable development in Portland, Maine 10/6/16 US Press release from the Arctic Council
"addressing short-lived climate pollutants, highlighting the importance of practical measures to reduce black carbon emissions and introduce options for renewable energy investments in the Russian Arctic"
Morocco World News Climate Change in Africa on the Eve of COP22 9/26/16 Morocco "Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar recently advocated for the unification of African nations at the COP22 meeting in order for Africa’s collective voice to be heard."

"COP22 provides an unprecedented opportunity to strengthen support on renewables to the LDCs, as part of a global programme of support."
The Jakarta Post INSIGHT: Paris Agreement to test Jakarta’s commitment on carbon emissions 10/19/16 Indonesia "Indonesian delegates are full of confidence as they head to Marrakech. "

"It is well known that Indonesia’s bulk work in the NDC is land use. Early action may be pursued to realize the implementation of the long-awaited REDD+ mechanism under the Paris Agreement."

"After two decades of climate negotiations, Paris finally managed to put mitigation and adaptation measures on equal footing."
Eco-Business CMA1, the first meeting under the Paris Agreement - Why it’s significant and how it could happen at COP22 10/5/16 US Opinion-- Important implementation decisisons: "work programme established at COP21 to put in place various modalities, procedures and guidelines (MPGs) for the transparency regime, the information required in communicating NDCs, and the processes to take stock and raise ambition, facilitate implementation and promote compliance." No
Business Green Indonesia becomes latest major emitter to ratify Paris Agreement 10/20/16 US "The government's plan for cutting emissions centres on increased clean tech investment - including a goal to increase renewable energy's share of the energy mix to 23 per cent by 2025 - and a major push to tackle emissions from deforestation" YES
Christian Science Monitor Indonesia ratifies Paris climate deal. Does it matter? 10/19/16 US "Working against Indonesia is the fact it must implement new clean-energy practices and supplement its economy."
Indonesia " is one of a few countries, unlike Poland, that doesn't have the financial backing to switch to clean energy."
New York Times Indonesia's Parliament Ratifies Paris Climate Change Deal 10/19/16 US "2014, [Indonesia] renewed a moratorium on new licenses for logging in virgin forests, but deforestation has continued largely unabated." YES
Jakarta Post Indonesia’s energy sector seeing insignificant changes: Lawmakers 10/20/16 Indonesia "House of Representatives deputy speaker Agus Hermanto said Indonesia’s energy resilience had continued to decline because the government still relied on fossil fuels and had yet to significantly develop renewable energy sources "

"Agus said, the Jokowi administration should maximize the use of the country's potential geothermal energy, which could produce an estimated 29 gigawatts of electricity and be environmentally friendly."
Mongabay Brazil pledges to cut carbon, but government policies say otherwise 10/6/16 US "The Temer administration (which has solidified its power since President Rousseff’s impeachment) and a conservative Congress are seeking to pass laws to fast track the licensing of future infrastructure projects that — while possibly benefiting Brazil’s economy — could increase deforestation as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions." YES
The Japan Times We stand at the dawn of climate-friendly air travel 10/17/16 Japan Opinion-- "The new ICAO framework aims for “carbon-neutral growth” in international aviation from 2020 onward, and has as its centerpiece a global market-based measure (GMBM) to help airlines cap their net emissions at 2020 levels in an affordable way... airlines will purchase emissions reductions from other economic sectors, thus funneling billions of dollars into low-carbon development." No
The Guardian The Paris agreement really does change everything 10/7/16 UK Opinion-- "Financial decision-makers at every level are recognising that fossil fuel investments risk their returns being undermined by stranded assets. They recognise that supply chains face disruption from the effects of climate change. " No
Science News Significant deforestation in Brazilian Amazon goes undetected 10/12/16

Journal Reference: Peter Richards, Eugenio Arima, Leah VanWey, Avery Cohn, Nishan Bhattarai. “Are Brazil's Deforesters Avoiding Detection?”. Conservation Letters, 2016; DOI: 10.1111/conl.12310
US "It excludes dry forests, another critical biome in the region, as well as secondary forests -- land that was cleared many years ago and has since become reforested."

"Brazil recently ratified the Paris Climate Agreement, which mandates substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels," VanWey said. "By missing so much deforestation in PRODES measurements, Brazil is overestimating their emissions reductions."

"This study suggests that Brazil's deforestation-related greenhouse gas emissions are nearly twice as high as PRODES estimates."
The Gleaner Caribbean Islands Urged To Ratify Paris Agreement 10/20/16 Jamaica Dr James Fletcher, former head of the CARICOM Task Force on Sustainable Development: "Given that the Paris Agreement will enter into force in the Marrakech meeting ... if you haven't ratified the Paris Agreement, then really you cannot be at the table determining rules and procedures and everything else" No
NY Times How Small Forests Can Help Save the Planet 9/26/16 US "family forests, environmental groups argue, represent a large, untapped resource for combating the effects of climate change."

"The economic case for private owners entering the carbon markets is likely to get stronger. Forests, especially in areas like the Northwest, where trees grow tall and thick, tend to draw higher prices than many other conservation measures. "
The Fiji Times Forests vital 10/8/16 Fiji Ministry of Forests permanent secretary, Samuela Lagataki: "within the Paris Agreement, forest was more prominent than any other sector."
"He said forests had the potential for providing a switch to cleaner renewable energy."
Republic of the Phillippines- Philippine Information Agency Indigenous peoples vow to protect DavOr’s forests 10/20/16 Philippines funded by Germany's REDD+: aims at capacitating the IP leaders on forest management, allowing them to influence their communities on the importance of sustainable natural resource management. Following this activity, the IP leaders are set to work in their communities to conduct information, education and communication (IEC) activities to raise environmental awareness. YES