Program-for-Results (PforR) Financing: Current Progress and Next Steps (Event Video)

Program-for-Results (PforR), a new World Bank lending instrument, is one of several innovative approaches to development aid that focus on measurable development outcomes.  Proponents argue that PforR will help strengthen institutions, build capacity, and enhance partnerships. Critics contend it may bypass hard-won social and environmental safeguards.  This event will include an overview of the approach followed by a panel discussion with aid experts with a variety of perspectives.

Event Video

Joachim von Amsberg
Vice-President, Operations Policy and Country Services
World Bank


Nancy Birdsall
Center for Global Development  

Marta Garcia Jauregui
Executive Director for Central America, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela
World Bank 

Anne Perrault 
Director, International Financial Institutions Program
Center for International Environmental Law 


Lawrence MacDonald
Vice President, Communications and Policy Outreach
Center for Global Development