Tony Blair: Making Government Work Will Transform Africa (Event Video)


During Tony Blair's time as UK Prime Minister, Africa was at the heart of his foreign policy - from the Commission for Africa and the Gleneagles Summit to the military intervention that brought an end to the civil war in Sierra Leone. Since leaving office he has renewed his commitment to Africa's development by creating the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI), of which he now acts as Patron.

The speech sets out Mr. Blair's vision for a new partnership with Africa, drawing on his years of experience in office and his first-hand work with the Governments of Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Liberia since leaving Downing Street in 2007. It coincides with the launch of a pamphlet setting out why Mr. Blair believes that Africa has the potential to be to the first half of this century what Asia was to the second half of the last, and why developed countries need to do more to support the African leaders who are making this transformation possible.


The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair

Former UK Prime Minister and Patron of the Africa Governance Initiative

Chaired by

Nancy Birdsall

President, Center for Global Development