Application to Other Sectors

This page links to analyses of how COD Aid can be applied to development goals in a range of sectors. 

From REDD to Green: A Global Incentive System to Stop Tropical Forest Clearing
In this CGD Working Paper, David Wheeler, Dan Hammer and Robin Kraft describe their proposal for a Cash on Delivery system that would reward independently monitored progress in reducing forest clearing in tropical countries. 

Cash on Delivery Aid for Water
In this note, Robert Kaplan provides an overview of the objectives and challenges of providing access to water and outlines options for a COD Aid application to increase access to potable water.

The Future for U.S. Engagement on International Tobacco Control
CGD visiting fellow Thomas Bollyky discusses the need for new approaches to global tobacco control in in this paper published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  The report includes an analysis of how COD Aid could create incentives for more effective tobacco control strategies in developing countries.

Incentives for Life: Cash-on-Delivery Aid for Tobacco Control in Developing Countries
In this policy paper, Thomas Bollyky and Amanda Glassman propose COD Aid as a new incentive mechanism for tobacco control in low- and middle-income countries. They discuss specific design features and a proposed pilot project in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Issues in Applying the Cash on Delivery Aid Approach
In this note, William Savedoff briefly describes COD Aid and offers guidance for discussions on applying it to new sectors.

Assessing Performance-Based Payments for Forest Conservation: Six Successes, Four Worries, and Six Possibilities to Explore of the Guyana-Norway Agreement
In mid-February, 2014, Jonah Busch and Nancy Birdsall visited Guyana as part of a three-country study to attempt to gain insights of value to the future expansion of performance-based payments in other countries and other sectors. This note summarizes their findings.