Background Papers for The Evidence-based Report Series on Women’s Economic Empowerment

CGD commissioned additional research to analyze the context, methodology, and results of the pilot study on mobile savings for women entrepreneurs. The following papers provide in-depth studies of existing literature on savings and the results across various stages of the pilot’s progress. More papers will be added as the project progresses.

A Meta-Analysis of the Take-Up and Utilization of Formal Savings Accounts by James C. Knowles

March 2018

Improving access to formal savings accounts is considered by many to be an effective intervention to help poor households accumulate assets and smooth their consumption over time. This report presents a meta-analysis of the results of 13 randomized controlled experiments with interventions (or treatment arms) designed to remove the pecuniary costs of opening and using a basic savings account.

Mobile Financial Services for Women in Indonesia: A Baseline Survey Analysis by James C. Knowles

June 2018

This report presents analysis of baseline data on 4,828 business owners (2,852 females and 1.976 males) from 401 mainly rural villages in five districts (kabupaten) of East Java province, Indonesia. These data were collected as the baseline data for an impact evaluation of the Mobile Financial Services for Female Entrepreneurs project. The report examines gender differentials in earned income and savings and important gender differentials in observed endowments (e.g., age, schooling, business and household assets, willingness to take risks). The report also identifies which endowments and outcomes vary significantly between successful female and male entrepreneurs and determines how matching entrepreneurs’ endowments may affect the gender differential.