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On April 18, 2005 Madagascar was the first country to sign a compact with the MCC.  Madagascar's four-year, $110 million compact focused on securing formal property rights to land, accessing credit and protecting savings, and training in agricultural production, management and marketing techniques.  Due to a military coup in March 2009, the MCC board voted to terminate Madagascar's compact on August 31, 2009. 

MCA Status

Madagascar's compact with the MCC entered-into-force on July 27, 2005.  Despite early termination, the compact disbursed $85.6 million which went to raising incomes by assisting the rural population to transition from subsistence agriculture to a market economy. Strategic investments in three projects helped rural Malagasy secure formal property rights to land; access credit and protect savings; and receive training in agricultural production, management and marketing techniques. This integrated approach provided the rural population with the necessary conditions to use the land productively, to build profitable businesses, and help ensure environmental sustainability.

Country Compact

Madagascar MCC Compact
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By way of comparison, Madagascar's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) focuses on: rule of law and a well-governed society; economic growth with a large social base; establishing human and material security; and systems for enlarging social protection.

Madagascar's PRSP
Madagascar PRSP: Progress Report, 2006
Madagascar Action Plan (MAP), 2007-2012

Country Eligibility

In FY2011, Madagascar scored above the median on five of six Ruling Justly indicators, two of five Investing in People indicators, and four of six Economic Freedom indicators. Madagascar is a low income country (LIC).

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Country Facts

Data are for 2009 (or most recent year available)

 Per capita income (GNI, current US$) $420
 Poverty rate ($2 a day) 89.6%
 GDP growth (annual) 0.4%
 Population, total 19,625,030
 Rural population (% of total) 70%
 Life expectancy 60 yrs
 Literacy rate 71% 

Source: World Development Indicators 2010

Madagascar Country Brief from the World Bank 

Other U.S. Policies

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Other Donors

The top three donors to Madagascar in 2009 were:

Gross ODA,
 2008-2009 average
(USD millions)
 World Bank IDA 126
 France 102
 EU Institutions 98

Source: OECD/DAC Database 
*ODA is Official Development Assistance

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