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Millions Saved Video

The Millions Saved Video reprises six key lessons common to the 17 successful case studies reviewed in the Millions Saved book. It also highlights three notable case studies: the elimination of River Blindness from West Africa; the eradication of Polio from Latin America; and the introduction of Oral Rehydration Therapy to combat diarrhreal disease in Bangladesh.

video format : QuickTime (download QuickTime)
video length : 7 min 40 sec

Selected Quotes from the Millions Saved Video
“What we tried to do in this project is take a good, hard look at the successful, large-scale health programs of the past -- really understand why they worked, and draw out of those some common elements that could be used in the future to design and implement big, scaled-up health programs.”
Ruth Levine
Senior Fellow and Director of Programs
Center for Global Development
“We succeeded in achieving the objective of protecting over 300 million people and saving the lives and eyes of approximately 30 million children.” (Onchocerciasis Case Study)
Dr. Ebrahim Malick Samba
Regional Director / WHO Regional Office for Africa
“The success of the polio eradication initiative in Latin America was remarkable because it was able to demonstrate to the rest of the world that this was possible.” (Polio Case Study)
John Kim Andrus
Chief of Immunization Unit / Pan American Health Organization

“The dramatic reduction of childhood mortality over the years is said to be due to the [education] effort by BRAC in the 1980s.” (Diarrheal Diesease Case Study)
Mushtaque Chowdhury
Deputy Executive Director of the Research
and Evaluation Division of BRAC