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Independent research for global prosperity

Quotes and Tributes

This readable book challenges all those who would use the risk of failure as an excuse to do little. It proves that commitment and compassion can bring dramatic, large-scale improvements in the health of people around the world.

Jimmy Carter

The compelling experiences brought together in this book inspire us to take a fresh look at what's needed to succeed in the future. Here is real-world proof that major global health problems can be solved.

Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Notwithstanding the continuing tragedy of HIV and other diseases rampant in the world today, there have been dramatic successes in improving health, even in the poorest parts of the world. These successes - from polio eradication in the Americas, to trachoma control in Morocco, to eradicating smallpox - portend a hopeful future. This optimistic message makes this book essential reading for all.

K.Y. Amoako, Executive Secretary, Economic Commission on Africa

These well-documented case studies show that many successful public health interventions have occurred, contrary to popular perception. The book offers valuable lessons for dealing with the illnesses that continue to beset the developing world.

Kenneth Arrow, Professor of Economics (emeritus), Stanford University, 1972 Nobel Laureate in Economics

These accounts show why it is difficult, despite all of the problems, to find fatalists and pessimists in the ranks of global health workers. Every global health program can now aspire to be featured in the second volume of this wonderful book.

William Foege, Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Today there are 40 million people suffering from HIV - three million are children. Each year, two million people die of TB, one million die of malaria, and 500,000 mothers die in pregnancy and childbirth. Every day 30,000 children die of illnesses that could have been treated or prevented. This book shows that we can tackle this tremendous challenge. With more money and better policies we can improve the health and life chances of the world's poorest people.

Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom

The stories told are powerful proof that it really pays to invest in health.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Director-General, World Health Organization