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UNAIDS Leadership Transition Background Paper

Why This Paper?
To inform the deliberations of the UNAIDS Working Group, a background paper (Read Online | Download PDF [1.01MB]) was prepared relying an available literature and 29 semi-structured interviews conducted with both Working Group members and broader constituents.

What is the Paper About?

The paper is broken into three parts:

1. Main contributions of UNAIDS

    • As a Global advocate for HIV/AIDS
    • Emphasizing the exceptionality of AIDS for a mulitsectoral response
    • The technical role in surveillance and policy guidance
    • Coordination
    • Representing those who are most affected

    2. The challenges for UNAIDS

      • Reconciling Objectivity with advocacy
      • Maintaining HIV/AIDS as a public priority
      • Clarifying the role of UNAIDS
      • Donor influence

      3. Three Scenarios for the Future of UNAIDS

        • Dissolve the agency
        • Leave UNAIDS as it is
        • Roll UNAIDS into a special agency of the WHO

        Read the paper online or Download the PDF (1.01MB).

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        UNAIDS Leadership 11-03-08

        UNAIDS Leadership 11-03-08 Center for Global Development