Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Development?

Edward M. Graham
Magnus Blomström
June 30, 2005

What is the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on development?  The answer is important for the lives of millions—if not billions—of workers, families, and communities in the developing world. The answer is crucial for policymakers in developing and developed countries, and in multilateral agencies. This volume gathers together the cutting edge of new research on FDI and host country economic performance and presents the most sophisticated critiques of current and past inquiries. It probes the limits of what can be determined from available evidence and from innovative investigative techniques. In addition, the book presents new results, concludes with an analysis of the implications for contemporary policy debates, and proposed new avenues for future research.

Preview chapters:

Introduction and Overview, Theodore H. Moran, Edward M. Graham, and Magnus Blomström

R&D Activities of Foreign and National Establishments in Turkish Manufacturing, Asim Erdilek

China's Policies on FDI: Review and Evaluation, Guoqiang Long

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