Unequal Ventures: Results from an Endline Study of Gender and Entrepreneurship in East Java, Indonesia

This report presents the endline results of a randomized controlled trial in East Java, Indonesia, of demand- and supply-side interventions to increase the use of saving and other branchless banking services by women business owners.

The first report in the series (March 2018) laid out the rationale for this trial and for a complementary trial in Tanzania and presented the results for the Tanzania trial. Report 2 (April 2018) described the results of a baseline study (conducted before the trial) in Indonesia on whether differences in the characteristics of businesswomen and businessmen explain differences in outcomes and identified factors that are related to more successful entrepreneurial ventures. Report 3 (August 2018) updated results for the Indonesia trial, presenting midline impacts based on a survey in early 2018 of roughly half the project sample. A more detailed endline assessment report, including all statistical tables and analysis, is forthcoming on the Center for Global Development website.

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