Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Increasing women’s access to quality employment opportunities and productive assets allows them to generate, save, and re-invest income into their families and businesses. This in turn drives tremendous gains in health, education, employment, and improved livelihoods—both for women and girls themselves and for their families, communities, and countries. 
Consistent with CGD’s broad approach to development, our research posits that real economic empowerment for women will require approaches beyond those traditionally used (e.g. micro loans and grants, training programs, and mentorship networks). These micro-level interventions are important, but they are limited in their power to shape broader institutions. 
As such, CGD is focused on the larger environment where economic opportunities unfold, in order to examine and correct pervasive gender biases in the public and private sectors and alter service provision so that it is not biased against women. 
We seek to determine how to make gender equality central to discussions about economic growth and fiscal policy, such as through leveraging the resources and experimental capacity of the private sector to test new approaches that governments can then scale up, or to transform global value chains to make them more inclusive.
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