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The G-8 Declaration on Tax and Transparency

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This is a joint post with Owen Barder. 

International tax has continued to rise up the political agenda, and the crucial UK-hosted G-8 meeting is now approaching.  We’ve updated our draft declaration that we would like to see from that summit, to reflect discussions that have taken place since then, and many valuable comments from a wide range of contributors.

ONE Campaign Reminds the G-8 That Food Security Must Be a Top Priority

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This is a joint post with Julie Walz.

Just ahead of the G8 summit on May 19 at Camp David, a new report by the ONE Campaign highlights the opportunity to focus on real and sustained investments in African agriculture that could impact the lives of millions. The report includes very timely recommendations for the heads of the G-8 and other world leaders:

IMF Leadership Selection Survey: Early Results at Odds with European Rush

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Early results from our global opinion survey on the selection system, criteria and candidates for the new head of the IMF are now available. If you haven’t yet taken the survey and do so now, you will get access to the results as of yesterday. Not surprisingly, there is overwhelming agreement that the selection system should be open, competitive and merit-based, without regard to nationality (more on that below).

Policy Principles for Financial Access: The G-20 and the Center for Global Development

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I heartily applaud the release of the G-20 Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion (click and scroll down to see them). At a time of increased focus on financial sector regulation to reduce risk, it is crucial that we not lose sight of the fact that increasing access to appropriate financial services remains essential to reducing poverty and achieving sustained growth.