The ‘Learning at Scale’ Advisory Group

October 08, 2019

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Learning outcomes are low and instruction is poor in many countries in the Global South. Improving learning outcomes has proven to be difficult, although the number of successful programs is growing. The effective examples have seldom been implemented at large scale, however; and the large-scale successful programs have had limited research into their characteristics that can be used to inform other programs.

As a result, we have scant evidence that allows us to understand the success of the scaled instructional improvement programs. This research project is organized around four questions:

  1. What does effective classroom instruction in the Global South look like and how does this vary across contexts?

  2. What institutional structures and processes are required such that teachers and other members of the education workforce in the Global South can deploy effective instructional practices?

  3. How and why are these structures and processes adopted and sustained during the scale-up of effective instructional practice programs?

  4. What are effective ways to share findings on scaling effective instructional practices with policy makers and how will this vary across countries in different phases of instructional practice reform?

The group will be hosted and initially chaired by CGD. The group will hold four meetings over the period 2019-21. After each session, a report of the group’s advice and recommendations will be produced, which will be made available online

Background materials

Concept note
Terms of reference


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Amy Jo Dowd, Independent
Edward Davis, Global Partnership for Education
Nic Spaull, Funda Wanda / RESEp
Sara Ruto, PAL Network
Stephen Taylor, Department for Basic Education, South Africa
Moussa Blimpo, World Bank
Laura Savage, Department for International Development
Moses Oketch, UCL
Alex Eble, Columbia
Amel Karboul, Education Outcomes Fund
Asyia Kazmi, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
John Floretta, J-PAL
Sarah Kabay, Innovations for Poverty Action
Benjamin Piper, RTI International
Matthew Jukes, RTI International
Jonathan Stern, RTI International

CGD Members

Susannah Hares, Center for Global Development (Chair)
Justin Sandefur, Center for Global Development
Rita Perakis, Center for Global Development
Jack Rossiter, Center for Global Development
Lee Crawfurd, Center for Global Development

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