Countries Most in Need of Aid Are Less Likely to Get It – Podcast with Owen Barder

February 02, 2016

Which country’s aid is the best? And who is giving what to whom? Recent statistics from the OECD tell us that the amount of aid given to poor countries was at an all-time high of $137.2bn in 2014 – the latest year for which figures are available. That’s up by just over 1% on the previous year, but the proportion of aid going to the poorest countries has fallen.

In this podcast, CGD Senior Fellow Owen Barder, who leads our Europe program and heads up our annual Commitment to Development Index (CDI), reflects on the figures and discusses new work on the aid figures used to calculate the CDI – they allow us to see which country does aid best, whether generosity correlates with aid quality – and what else countries should be doing beyond aid to improve development.

In this clip, Barder explains that aid money alone cannot bring about the global goals: 


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