The Future of Aid: Rethinking Humanitarianism Episode 4

November 25, 2020

Refugees from Ethiopia are currently fleeing across the border into Sudan. If this crisis plays out like many do, big aid agencies will soon begin setting up shop, organising camps, handing out food and water, and leading an organised response to those refugees. 

But what if things were done differently? 

In this fourth episode of the Rethinking Humanitarianism podcast series, hosts Heba Aly and Jeremy Konyndyk talk to three disruptors about their visions for alternative humanitarian action.

  • They delve into mergers of international NGOs with Simon O’Connell, the incoming CEO of SNV, an international development organisation based in The Netherlands. 
  • They unpack networked humanitarianism with Paul Currion, the founder of a blockchain company for the aid industry.
  • And they hear a vision of local solidarity from Muthoni Wanyeki, regional director for Africa at the Open Society Foundations.  

Whereas in Episode 1 and Episode 2, Heba and Jeremy explored problems with the current international humanitarian response model, in this episode, they look for potential solutions. Come along.

Rethinking Humanitarianism is a limited podcast series co-hosted by The New Humanitarian and the Center for Global Development. 

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