The Future of Family Planning – Podcast with Rachel Silverman

July 19, 2017

The issue of family planning has been high on the international agenda recently. Earlier this month, London hosted a pledging conference where some donors promised generous funding for efforts to increase access to and education around family planning services in developing countries. 

At the same time, however, there is increasing uncertainty about future support from the US, which has historically been one of the biggest donors. There is also growing concern about the world’s limited progress towards the family planning goals that were agreed upon in 2012, through the international framework known as FP2020

Just how much progress have we made, and how far do we have to go? What difference will the new pledges make, and how should they be used? “There’s an opportunity to use the funds to plug some of those holes, but it will depend on how they’re managed and allocated,” Rachel Silverman, CGD’s assistant director of global health policy, tells me in this week’s podcast. 

One priority, Silverman says, is to help donors “work together to make sure the funding is directed in a coordinated way towards the areas of most need, the areas where the funding can go the furthest.” Recommendations on how to do just that can be found in CGD’s recent report Aligning to 2020, and you can learn more about how to get the best health value for your money in CGD’s forthcoming book What’s In, What’s Out

In the meantime, click below to hear more of Silverman’s thoughts on the subject and check out the full podcast at the top of this page. 


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