Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Smallholder Farmers Prepare for Climate Change?

More than 50 percent of Africa's workers are involved in some form of agriculture, mainly smallholder farming. These workers are the driving force of food security on the continent—and also the most likely to be impacted by climate change effects like droughts, floods, and locusts. How can they prepare for these impacts in order to mitigate them?

In this episode of Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude takes on this question with Gillian Pais, Partner and leader of the Agriculture Practice in Africa at McKinsey & Company—you might remember her from this episode in Season 1. This time around, Gyude and Gillian discuss a recent McKinsey report that suggests 33 measures smallholder farmers can take to adapt to the changing climate. Together they cover the importance of localizing climate solutions, strategies to promote the uptake of climate-smart agriculture, and the role of regional organizations in sharing best practices.


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