Walking the Transparency Walk: How We’re Funded

This is a joint post with Katie Douglas Martel

We at CGD believe strongly that transparency and accountability can foster better development outcomes. That’s why we have work on illicit financial flows, open government contracting, biometric identification systems, extractive revenues, and more on openness.

So, if transparency is good for development, what about development think tanks? Spurred in part by Transparify and the frank constructive discussions about think tank strategy by Enrique Mendizabal’s On Think Tanks blog and Andrew Selee’s book What Should Think Tanks Do?, we also wanted to up our game.

Thus, as of yesterday, we are now providing clear information on How We’re Funded to more clearly explain our sources of support. This goes beyond what’s traditionally disclosed in US tax forms and annual reports. The How We’re Funded web page, currently in a Beta version (improvements coming!), lists all grants and donations we received in 2013 and so far in 2014 above $100,000 or roughly anything more than 1% of our annual budget. We will also continue our practice of disclosing the membership of our Partners Council (corporate and individual contributors who give $2,500 and above) and CGD Society ($150-$2,500). Donations received from these groups are also aggregated in the Funding table.

We hope that CGD being transparent about How We’re Funded will be welcomed by our funders and those who use our materials—and that it will encourage other nonprofits to do the same.


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