12:00—1:15 PM ET / 5:00-6:15 PM BST

Combating Inflation and Reigniting Growth in Latin America: Views from Central Bank Governors



Liliana Rojas-Suarez—Director, Latin American Initiative and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Most Latin American Central Banks have done a great job in combating inflation, being among the first globally to increase interest rates at the onset of persistent inflation—much earlier than the US Fed—and are now gradually reducing rates. However, this progress is accompanied by significant challenges, both global and local. Globally, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the duration of elevated interest rates in the US. Additionally, there is the risk of heightened tensions in the Middle East, potentially leading to renewed increases in commodity prices and fueling global inflation. Locally, factors such as sluggish economic activity, high debt ratios, and political tensions complicate the inflation dynamics.  

What strategies are central bankers employing to reach their inflation targets amidst these challenges? Are fiscal policies supporting the role of monetary policies? Moreover, does the difficult and polarized political environment aggravate existing challenges? Looking ahead, what insights do they anticipate gaining from the forthcoming IMF Spring Meetings? Join us for an enlightening conversation with Governors and Deputy Governors from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru as they delve into these and other critical issues affecting the region.

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