10:00—11:00 AM ET

COVID-19, Supply Chain Resilience and Global Trade


  • Kimberly Ann Elliot, Non-resident Fellow, Center for Global Development
  • Fred P. Hochberg, former Chairman and President, US Export–Import Bank (EXIM) and Fellow, Harvard University and University of Chicago
  • Yossi Sheffi, Director, Center for Transportation & Logistics and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Prashant Yadav, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development and Professor, Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD

Supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 are twin threats, both to lives and livelihoods. We have focused some of our past discussions on COVID-19 and medical supply chains. Supply chain disruptions are also aggravating to the economic effects of the crisis. Companies must ensure the safety of workers in their extended supply chain, support the financial viability of their suppliers, work with constrained cargo networks, while building systems to be ready for future supply-chain shocks like this pandemic. And all of this in an environment where global trade and global supply chains are under threat from the ideology of supply chain autarky. In this event we have three top global experts to discuss how this is impacting businesses, global trade, and livelihoods, globally.

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