2:00—3:30 PM
Peter G. Peterson Conference Center, Institute for International Economics, 1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Diamonds and Development: The Botswana Story

Botswana President Festus Gontebanye Mogae and CGD president Nancy Birdsall Botswana is often cited as a model developing country. A stable democracy since independence in 1966, the southern African country has also managed to leverage its substantial diamond production to bring broader development to its people and avoid some of the problems encountered by other countries with mineral resources. Reflective of its success, average income has risen by a factor of 15 over the past four decades. President Festus Mogae, who has led Botswana since 1998, reflected on his country's experiences and highlighted some of the remaining challenges at this public event. Center for Global Development's president, Nancy Birdsall, moderated the discussion.

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