8:30—8:30 AM ET

Increasing Transparency around COVID-19 Funding

This webinar is hosted by Devex and features CGD's Assistant Director for Global Health and Senior Policy Analyst, Janeen Madan Keller.

A lack of transparency and accountability around COVID-19 funding announcements means it’s difficult to know how much has been pledged and by whom (department, instrument, etc.), where funds are going (specific country interventions versus regional or global initiatives), how they are getting there (loans and grants to governments or to international implementing agencies like the UN), when they will be disbursed and to whom.

Without greater transparency around the detail of funding announcements, organizations responding to the challenge cannot form a coordinated response and allocate resources effectively. This will lead to further accountability issues down the line when assessing the efficacy of aid. Join us to explore: What needs to happen to improve the situation? How can governments and funders increase accountability and transparency around the allocation of funds? 

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