8:30—1:00 PM
Covington and Burling

Making Markets for Vaccines: from ideas to action

On Thursday April 7, 2005 - World Health Day - CGD launched a report with the potential to save millions of lives. Making Markets for Vaccines: Ideas to Action presents an achievable approach to creating incentives for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers in the rich world to invest in the research and development of vaccines for diseases that mostly affect the poor world.

The event featured speakers from the CGD working group that created the report, representing top intellectuals from the legal, health and development communities. Attendance for the launch topped 150 people and generated press from several major news sources including the Wall Street Journal.

The speakers are listed below.

Download the full text transcripts of the report launch
Download slides from the presentation of the report by Ruth Levine and John Hurvitz
Access the Making Markets for Vaccines: Ideas to Action book page

Vaccines for Development, CGD’s first Blog moderated by Owen Barder
Download a brief of the report
FAQ’s about this groundbreaking research

Opening Remarks:

Nancy Birdsall - President, Center for Global Development
Peter Hutt - Senior Counsel, Covington & Burling

Keynote Speakers:

Mark Feinberg - Vice President for Policy, Public Health, and Medical Affairs, Merck & Co., Inc
Rick Klausner - Executive Director, Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Scott Whitaker - Executive Vice President, Biotech Industry Organization

Presentation of the Report:

John Hurvitz - Partner, Covington & Burling
Ruth Levine - Director of Programs and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Panel Discussants:

Alice Albright - CFO, Vaccine Fund
Rudi Daems - Executive Director, Policy and Corporate Affairs, Chiron Corp.
Michael Kremer - Professor, Harvard University
Orin Levine - Executive Director, Pneumo ADIP
Melinda Moree - Director, Malaria Vaccine Initiative, PATH

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