9:30—10:45 AM Washington DC time

On Power, Partnerships, and Policymaking: How to Realize the Potential of Evidence-to-Policy Partnerships

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  • Norma Altshuler, Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Michael Hiscox, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University and former founding Director, Behavioral Economics Team, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia 
  • Constantine Manda, Co-Founder and Director of the Impact Evaluation Lab, Economic and Social Research Foundation, Tanzania and Co-Founder of Network for Impact Evaluation Researchers in Africa (NIERA)


  • Abeba Taddese, Program Director, Evidence-Informed Policymaking, Results for Development


  • Ruth Levine, CEO and Partner, IDinsight and Non-Resident Fellow, CGD


The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the need for high-quality, timely, context-specific evidence—for both effective policy responses and political credibility. Despite significant progress in recent years, numerous challenges continue to limit the use of evidence by policymakers around the world. To strengthen the demand for and use of policy-relevant evidence, expanded support for—and understanding of—evidence-to-policy partnerships is critical.

Join CGD for a discussion of how these partnerships work, barriers to their progress, and recommendations for what funders can do to help elevate effective models, drawing from new research by Abeba Taddese as part of CGD’s Working Group on New Evidence Tools for Policy Impact. Speakers will reflect on the ways in which misaligned incentives between governments, researchers, and funding partners hold partnerships back and explore ways to better structure support to realize the value of partnerships for all involved, with an eye towards redistributing power away from donor agendas and instead advancing long-term relationship-building centered around policymaker priorities.

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