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Parth is a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Global Development. He has 8 years of experience in developing AI-driven, big data solutions with the Government of India, multilateral institutions, think-tanks and the private sector. He co-founded Sociometrik, a data lab specializing in geo-spatial analytics in India.

His work focuses on improving the data capacity of statistical systems by extracting intelligence from large scale unstructured datasets, where conventional sources of data are lagged or of questionable veracity. Prior to CGD, he worked at the Chief Economic Adviser’s office in India to develop technology policy solutions on local governance, climate change, urbanization, welfare and migration by integrating insights from satellite imagery (day and night time), biometric, weather and administrative data.

Parth holds an MS in Computational Analysis of Public Policy from University of Chicago. He is into street/minimalist photography and has been working on creating deep learning based artwork.

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