A Conversation with Pierre Heilbronn on the European Development Finance Architecture

Mikaela Gavas (CGD) and San Bilal (ECDPM) host Pierre Heilbronn, Vice President, Policy and Partnerships of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to discuss the role of the bank in the debate on the European Financial Architecture for Development. Pierre explains how he sees the EBRD as a crucial part of the European system of development actors and the only multilateral institution in which the European Commission has a share of the capital. He claims that with a strong European controlling majority, but bringing along other partners, the EBRD is a real asset for the EU to exert influence in the world. He shares his views on the possible expansion of the EBRD in Sub-Saharan Africa, the necessity of a much more coherent approach among shareholders and how European financial institutions can improve their cooperation to deliver development impact.