MCA Monitor Report from the Field: Republic of Georgia

December 09, 2010

This report offers a snapshot analysis of the Republic of Georgia’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact implementation to date. The MCC and the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund (MCG) are completing projects and planning for what will happen with their investments and their relationship once the compact is completed. At the same time, as Georgia is seeking eligibility for a second MCC compact, the country’s implementation record, interim impacts, and ability to innovate are under close scrutiny by the MCC and its board of directors. Notably, Georgia’s compact implementation to date exhibits strong country ownership and promising interim results: Georgian priorities dictated compact projects, and, wherever possible, Georgian institutions have been built up to implement and later manage compact investments.

Key findings:

  • The MCC Georgia compact embraced country ownership to achieve better and more sustainable results.
  • Unlike with other development grants, the strict five-year timeline matters.
  • Compact projects built capacity and strengthened Georgian institutions.
  • The MCC compact worked with Georgian institutions, the private sector, and other new development partners.

See the MCA Monitor’s FY2011 Selection Report for complete analysis on which countries the MCC board will select as eligible to apply for FY2011 compact or threshold assistance.

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