Planning for School Reopening and Recovery After COVID-19

Most governments around the world have temporarily closed schools in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As they start to plan for reopening, we have compiled a series of short and accessible briefs that provide the best available rigorous evidence on five critical dimensions of school reopening and recovery:

  1. Engaging communities in reopening plans

  2. Targeting resources to where they are most needed

  3. Getting children back to school

  4. Making school environments safe

  5. Recovering learning loss and building back better

Where the rigorous evidence is thin, we highlight this and emphasize the importance of generating knowledge during this pandemic to inform policy adaptations now and in future crises. Each brief is complemented by an in-depth technical appendix with details on the evidence supporting key findings and recommendations.

The briefs complement recent guidance from the World Bank, the World Health Organization, UNESCO, UNICEF, Education International, the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies, and the World Food Programme. Details on the policies implemented by each country are available on CGD’s COVID-19 education policy tracker.

We will be keeping our eye on the evidence as it emerges, and, in the months ahead, we will release additional analysis on the latest evidence on promising practices and preparing for future emergencies.

Read the report.

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