The Race Against Drug Resistance (brief)

June 14, 2010

We are rapidly losing our ability to cure an alarming number of the most serious and common diseases of the developing world because of an invisible adversary: drug resistance. Resistance is inevitable—but careless practices in drug supply and use are hastening it unnecessarily. Without an immediate global effort to safeguard lasting treatment effectiveness, drug resistance will quickly become a widespread threat—claiming lives, raising the cost of curing patients, and making future generations increasingly vulnerable to deadly diseases that were easily cured in the past.

The Center for Global Development’s Drug Resistance Working Group urges pharmaceutical companies, governments, donors, global health institutions,health providers, and patients to collectively and immediately tackle this global health threat by implementing four key recommendations:

  • Collect and share drug resistance information across disease networks.

  • Secure the drug supply chain to ensure quality products and practices.

  • Strengthen national drug regulatory authorities in developing countries.

  • Catalyze research and innovation to speed the development of resistance-fighting technologies.

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