What's on the Agenda in Global Health? The Experts' List for the Obama Administration

Lindsay Morgan
June 04, 2009

CGD policy analyst Lindsay Morgan summarizes the global health agendas various organizations have recommended to the Obama administration. She finds that the calls for a smarter, more harmonized, results-based global health agenda are clear.

Morgan compares the statements prepared by global health experts under the auspices of the National Intelligence Council (NIC) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM); the Center for Global Development (CGD), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); Interaction, the Global Health Council (GHC), and ONE.

The statements show what many in the U.S. global health community are thinking about why global health is important, where improvements are needed, and what the future holds. Differences (and there are some) tend to center on technical details, framing, and money. In the commonalities, the administration and Congress can find state-of-the-art guidance about where to focus.

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