Which Countries Make the FY2009 Corruption Cut? - MCA Monitor

Amy Crone
October 02, 2008

The Millennium Challenge Corp. (MCC) soon will release the scorecards and underlying performance data that provide the basis of the FY09 country selection round. In that selection process, the only indicator that countries must pass in order to qualify for MCC money is Control of Corruption, one of the governance indicators developed by the World Bank Institute (WBI). Though the corruption requirement is not legislatively mandated, the MCC, with the support of Congress, made it the only "hard hurdle" in order to help ensure that MCA funds go to a select group of poor but well-governed countries.

The new WBI data for 2007 were released in July, and these scores will be used for the FY09 selection round which will culminate with a final MCC Board decision in December. As a preview to the MCA Monitor team's full FY09 performance indicator analysis and its prediction on which countries are likely to be selected, Sheila Herrling and Amy Crone provide an overview of how countries fared on the Control of Corruption indicator.

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