Which Countries Pass the FY2012 Selection Hard Hurdles? A Preview into Round 9 of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Country Selection

November 07, 2011

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) delivers targeted U.S.foreign assistance to well-governed, lower income countries and placesspecial emphasis on good policies, country ownership, and results as apart of its aid model. The MCC board of directors selects eligible partnercountries based, in part, on policy performance on independent, third-partyindicators.

This note offers a preliminary assessment of MCC candidate countryscores on the FY2012 hard hurdles. As in years past, to pass the controlof corruption hard hurdle, a country must score above the median (50thpercentile) in its income bracket. The World Bank / Brookings InstitutionWorldwide Governance Indicators produce the control of corruptionindicator. Passing the control of corruption indicator remains the only hardhurdle for the old system.

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