Which Countries Will the MCC Board Likely Select as Eligible in FY2012?

November 30, 2011

This year marks the ninth round in which the Millennium ChallengeCorporation (MCC) board of directors will select which countries areeligible to receive assistance. Since its inception in 2003, the MCC hasprovided results-oriented assistance to lower income countries that exhibitstrong policy performance. But this year is unique: the MCC has adopteda new selection system to judge countries’ policy performance. The newsystem features an expanded set of indicators, new thresholds for passingselected indicators, and a new democratic rights hard hurdle to accompanythe MCC’s control of corruption hard hurdle.


This analysis draws upon MCC reports and country indicator performanceto predict which countries will be made eligible to apply for FY2012compact or threshold assistance. We offer a forecast of potential FY2012eligible countries; it is not an official list of the countries that will be selected.

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