Lagos to Mombasa

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Lagos to Mombasa: How Does Climate Impact Conflict?
February 22, 2024
Is there a relationship between climate change and conflict? Gyude speaks to Dr. Edward (Ted) Miguel of University of California Berkley about the impact of rising temperatures, extreme droughts, and floods on competition for resources, and how governments can respond to climate change’s compounding...
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Lagos to Mombasa: Are Energy Access and Climate Mitigation at Odds?
September 13, 2023
Olu Verheijen from the Nigerian government and Vijaya Ramachandran from the Breakthrough Institute join Gyude to discuss the scale and nature of the energy crisis in Africa, the role that renewable energy can (and can't) play in addressing it, and what steps African countries—and partners—can take t...
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Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Smallholder Farmers Prepare for Climate Change?
August 17, 2023
Gillian Pais of McKinsey & Company returns to Lagos to Mombasa to discuss the importance of localizing climate solutions, strategies to promote the uptake of climate-smart agriculture, and the role of regional organizations in sharing best practices.
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Lagos to Mombasa: How Can Critical Minerals in Africa Support Clean Energy and Uplift Communities?
June 01, 2023
Africa is home to 30 percent of the world’s critical minerals reserves, which play a key role in clean energy. How can African communities benefit? Gyude speaks with Ayaan Adam (Africa Finance Corporation) and Juliet Akamboe (formerly Standard Bank Group) about how to strengthen processing and refin...
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Lagos to Mombasa: What Can Space Tech Do for Africa?
March 02, 2023
To kick off Season 2 of Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude reflects on the intricacies of climate change and development in Africa and explores how space-based technologies can help. Temidayo Oniosun of Space in Africa and Rose Croshier from CGD join Gyude to discuss the intersections of space technology with ...
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Lagos to Mombasa: What Did COP27 Mean for Africa?
December 13, 2022
In this bonus episode of Lagos to Mombasa, Gyude invites two experts who were on the ground in Sharm El Sheikh for COP27—the UN’s annual conference on climate—to report back with their observations and takeaways: Faten Aggad of the African Climate Foundation and Ian Mitchell of CGD. Together they di...
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Lagos to Mombasa: Was the AU-EU Summit a Success?
March 10, 2022
Malado Kaba of Falémé Conseil and Inge Kaul of the Hertie School join Gyude to discuss the commitments made at the long-awaited AU-EU summit, the ways in which the participants were portrayed, and whether issues beyond aid, such as research, innovation, and trade, got the attention they deserved.&nb...