US-Africa Leaders Summit

Ahead of the 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit held on December 13-15, experts from across the Center for Global Development will offer recommendations to deliver on a more resilient, deeper, and mutually beneficial partnership between the United States and the nations of Africa. This blog series aims to re-examine US-Africa policy in service of two major aims:

  • Make good on past promises by scaling up investment and tackling persistent financing gaps. While the US has remained a strong ally of many African countries, resources have regularly fallen short of soaring rhetoric. As African policymakers face growing fiscal pressures, the United States must explore creative solutions to deliver much-needed financing through multilateral institutions and consider expanding its own bilateral toolkit.

  • Invest in a resilient, innovative future. Connections between Africa and the rest of the world have never been more salient. As African cities grow alongside the population of young people on the continent, the US must support African governments’ long-term investment goals to deploy innovative technologies and buttress human capital—particularly in areas where the US leads the world, from space technology to higher education, while avoiding restrictive policies that could hamper Africa’s economic growth.

The second Africa Leaders’ Summit presents an opportunity to consolidate existing US commitments and serve as a launchpad for the vision of a more equal partnership beyond aid, let us not miss the moment.

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