Back to School in Sierra Leone (Education Links)

Education Links is a periodic summary of what we’re reading from RISE (Research on Improving Systems of Education), CGD’s initiative on education reform in the developing world.


Good news from Sierra Leone, where schools have finally reopened after 9 months of complete closure across the country due to Ebola. 


Can you tell me how to get to (South African) Sesame Street? A look on Nic Spaull’s blog at the research and data-driven approach to designing the TV show in South Africa.  


The neuroscience of how children learn to read: An update in The New Yorker


Geek alert: The new edition of STATA has a module for implementing Item Response Theory (IRT) via Sam Jones.


Can better school management improve learning? Moussa Blimpo, David Evans, and Nathalie Lahire report on a new experiment in Gambia — the project reduced student and teacher absenteeism, but had no impact student test scores (after 3-4 years).


How did the “Teach For All” movement spread from the US to 33 other countries worldwide? A special issue of “Education Policy Analysis Archives” investigates. 


New UK government funding call for research on raising learning outcomes in challenging contexts


Call for papers on Education Systems — We’re having our first official RISE conference at CGD in Washington DC in June. More details here


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