Creative Development: Bobby Pittman and Ladipoe on the CGD Podcast

January 21, 2020

The field of global development covers a range of sectors, but hasn't traditionally overlapped much with the entertainment and music industries. But maybe it should, say this episode's podcast guests—Bobby Pittman, CGD board member and managing partner of investment platform Kupanda Capital, and Ladipoe, also known as Poe, a popular rapper based in Lagos.

"In Nigeria there's a lot of youth ... that don't have jobs," Ladipoe says in the podcast. "They're now seeing the creative space as a way to get in and change their lives completely."

This shift represents an opportunity for development actors to invest in and/or partner with upcoming artists and entertainment groups, says Bobby Pittman: "Why can't we talk about the Nigerian music scene as a major export business and a major foreign policy tool of Nigeria? That's what it effectively is today."

But in order to take advantage of these opportunities, Bobby says, development actors need to "start to think a little bit differently" about how they engage in these sectors.  

Hear more about that in the podcast, plus: we learn the inspiration behind some of Ladipoe's lyrics, Bobby reflects on his partnership with Mavin Records, and Ladipoe shares advice for young artists.



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