Davos Dispatch: The Davos Development Agenda - Migration, Political Analysis, Trade and Health

January 23, 2004

The mood in Davos is consolidating at moderately upbeat. The feeling is encouraged by good showings from President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan and Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada yesterday and today. President Musharraf impressed participants with his readiness to respond to tough questions, including on democracy in Pakistan, with some humor and candor. In an awkwardly titled session "Promoting Inter-Civilization Dialogue and Action" (with the focus on fighting misguided stereotypes of the other in both the Western and Islamic world), he started his remarks with the need to bring the fruits of globalization to the "have-nots", saying "capitalism can be ruthless on the poor." I missed Prime Minister Martin, but the word is that he emphasized the need for mechanisms to deal with our global interdependence -- making the point, to use CGD language, that a global economy needs global mechanisms to ensure opportunities for all.Access the full commentary (PDF)


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