A New Paradigm for Decision-making: Patience Marime-Ball and Ruth Shaber on the CGD Podcast

What if there were a way to unlock higher returns for investors and accelerate economic development, no matter your field?

In their new book, Patience Marime-Ball and Dr. Ruth Shaber examine financial investments aimed at addressing global challenges—on climate, healthcare, education, and more—and find a consistent truth: including women as decision-makers can make any team or project more successful.

This is a stark shift from a financial paradigm in which women, where considered at all, were exclusively viewed as beneficiaries rather than as independent agents and change-makers, my guests explain on this episode of the CGD Podcast.

Patience, founder and CEO of Women of the World Endowment, and Ruth, a physician and founder and president of the Tara Health Foundation, drew on their own experiences in writing the book, as well as conversations, events, and studies across more than a decade.

Join us on the podcast to learn more about the data backing the benefits of gender inclusivity, the work that went into creating the book, and the authors' recommendations for putting this paradigm into practice.


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