Pandemic Proof: Making Sense of Medical Countermeasures

February 23, 2023

When a pathogen of pandemic potential emerges, delays in ramping up global manufacturing of medical countermeasures—the diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics used to identify and combat disease transmission—can amplify and protract the health and economic consequences. 

How can we ensure that adequate and scalable national, regional, and global capacity for producing and distributing medical countermeasures is ready when needed? What are the obstacles and associated costs?

Join Amanda Glassman for conversations with two guests—Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall, CEO of Institut Pasteur of Dakar, and Dr. Rachel Glennerster, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago—as they reflect on lessons learned about the landscape of medical countermeasure manufacturing during COVID-19 and opportunities to ensure rapid, equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments in future health emergencies.


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