Vaccine Industry on the Road to Recovery?

October 06, 2005

Drug Discovery and Development Magazine has an upbeat article which argues that vaccines are on the road to recovery.Patrick McGee notes that times have been tough for the vaccine industry:

The last few decades haven't been easy for vaccine manufacturers. Litigation fears, poor investment returns, and other factors have reduced their numbers in the United States from 26 in 1967 to just several major ones today, which includes GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Sanofi Pasteur, Wyeth, Merck, and Chiron. Perceived fears about side effects and links to autism, while widely questioned by scientists, have also made companies skittish about the market.
But with the development of vaccines for rotavirus and HPV, he says, things are looking up:
"The overarching trend is the new products that have been introduced over the last several years and the promise of those that are coming along in the near future," says Peter Paradiso, PhD, vice president of new business and scientific affairs at Wyeth Vaccines, Collegeville, Pa. In addition to the momentum provided by new and innovative products, the field is also being energized by initiatives such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars for vaccine research, particularly for diseases affecting the third world, says Kevin Byrett, MD, vice president of policy communications and corporate affairs for Chiron Corp., Emeryville, Calif.


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