What Would You Like Me to Ask Raj Shah?

February 09, 2015

Next week, USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah will step down after five years of service. Before he goes, I will have a chance to sit down with him and record a CGD podcast reflecting on his lessons learned and aspirations for the agency in the years ahead.

So, my question to you now is: what do you want to know from him?

Perhaps you’d like Dr. Shah’s take on his biggest accomplishment at USAID. Or what USAID’s new mission statement—focused on ending extreme poverty and promoting resilient, democratic societies—has meant for how the agency operates.

Moreover, what work is left undone? What should the priorities be for the next administrator? And does he have opinions on who that should be?  

Dr. Shah leaves as West Africa continues to grapple with a deadly Ebola outbreak, as Syrians flee their ravaged country in ever-increasing numbers, and as a new administration in Afghanistan seeks a deepened partnership with the United States. So, should we be asking how USAID’s role in responding to multiple crises will continue—and evolve?

And this year the Sustainable Development Goals will replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals. Should we ask Administrator Shah what he sees as America’s role in helping to shape the global development framework?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and see some of your suggested questions. There are many ways to get in touch. You can leave a comment here, drop us a line via Facebook, tweet us @cgdev or you can tweet me directly: I’m @rajeshmirchand. 


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