10:00—12:00 PM GMT
Center for Global Development Europe
1 Abbey Gardens
Great College Street
London, SW1P 3SE

Book Launch: The Politics of Education in Developing Countries

Are you fascinated—or frustrated—by the extent to which politics shapes responses to the global learning crisis? Have you pulled policy levers, or crashed into political barriers in efforts to drive education reforms that improve learning outcomes for all? Do you work on politics and governance in international development and wonder how to support transformational changes to education service delivery?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then please join us on Thursday 11th April for the launch of a fantastic new book: The Politics of Education in Developing Countries.

Edited by Sam Hickey and Naomi Hossain, this book focuses on how politics shapes the capacity and commitment of elites to tackle the learning crisis in six developing countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, and Uganda. The book deploys a new conceptual framework—the domains of power approach—to show how the type of political settlement in a country shapes the level of elite commitment and state capacity to improving learning outcomes.

The book launch will include a presentation of the framework and findings from the book, followed by discussion from CGD’s Barbara Bruns and DFID’s Rachel Glennerster and a Q&A with the panel.




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