25 - 27


9:00—11:00 AM ET

Strengthening the WHO

This panel will be hosted on Thursday, May 27 at 3:20 p.m. CET (9:20 a.m. ET) at as part of the Devex events series at the 2021 WHO and features CGD Executive Vice President Amanda Glassman.

With plans to meet amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented vaccine rollout, and pressure for World Health Organization reform, this year’s World Health Assembly meeting may be one of the most pressing in recent history. Inequalities in COVID-19 vaccine access, waiving patents, and increasing low- and middle-income countries’ manufacturing capacity are expected to remain hot topics of debate.

We will be on the scene — virtually — to dig into these issues and more over three days of events, with exclusive interviews, expert analysis, and insider coverage of the week’s most important conversations.

From May 25 to 27, and in a special Devex Pro event on June 1, we will bring you inside the 74th World Health Assembly to answer key questions such as:
-How can the world better respond to the next pandemic?
-What more can be done to ensure an effective and equitable vaccine rollout?
-Does the world need a different alert system for global health emergencies?
-What is the future of WHO amid funding woes?
-With all eyes on COVID-19, what happens to other health priorities?


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