The Future of Global Health Procurement: Background Research

CGD Working Papers and Policy Papers by CGD Experts

Projected Health Financing Transitions: Timeline and Magnitude (Rachel Silverman)

Improving Global Health Supply Chains through Traceability (Michael Pisa and Denise McCurdy)

The Future of Global Health Procurement: Issues around Pricing Transparency (Mikel Berdud, Kalipso Chalkidou, Emma Dean, Jimena Ferraro, Lou Garrison, Cassandra Nemzoff, and Adrian Towse)

Imagining the Alternative Worlds of 2030: Policy Implications for the Future of Global Health Procurement (Janeen Madan Keller and William Savedoff)

Research Partnerships

Pooled Procurement of Drugs in Low and Middle Income Countries (Toulouse School of Economics: Pierre Dubois, Yassine Lefouili, and Stephane Straub)

Background Research and Landscaping Analysis on Global Health Commodity Procurement (AfRx Consulting)

Landscaping of Current Global Health Procurement Arrangements (Clinton Health Access Initiative)

Who Benefits from Pharmaceutical Price Controls? Evidence from India (Emma Boswell Dean)

Other Related Research

“4+7” Drug procurement reform in China (Xiao Yue)

Annotated Bibliography on Procurement in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Roxanne Oroxom)

Procurement Approaches and Policies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Roxanne Oroxom)

An Initial Estimation of the Size of Health Commodity Markets in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (Daniel Rosen, Kalipso Chalkidou, and Janeen Madan Keller)

Healthcare Systems as Intelligent Payers: What Can the Global Health Community Learn from the English National Health Service (Ed Rose, Kalipso Chalidou, and Janeen Madan Keller)

Aggregating Demand for Pharmaceuticals is Appealing, but Pooling Is Not a Panacea (Cassandra Nemzoff, Kalipso Chalkidou, and Mead Over)

Institutionalizing Auction-Based Procurement to Ensure Efficient and Sustainable Purchasing (Power Auctions: Christina Aperjis and Lawrence Ausubel)

Can Transparency Lower Prices and Improve Access to Pharmaceuticals? It Depends (Kalipso Chalkidou and Adrian Towse)

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