Presidential Transition Team Memos

CGD experts have penned memos on proposals to improve development policy for the next US president. These are bipartisan ideas, which come from our teams working on the US Development Policy InitiativeGlobal Health, and Gender, could make a big difference for people in the developing world.

Check out these memos to the presidential transition teams:

  • The US Development Policy Initiative (formerly Rethink) team proposes three big ideas:
  1. launch a $1 billion incentive fund for women’s economic empowerment;
  2. lead on sustainable infrastructure investment; and
  3. target the migration crisis with humanitarian compacts.

The memo also looks at priority reforms targeting country ownership, a results agenda, and budget flexibility.

  • The Global Health Policy team lays out priorities for the first hundred days: right-size budgets—and use them well—to achieve USG global health goals; scale up and consolidate for global health security; and organize the US global health bureaucracy for impact.
  • The Gender team puts granularity on the $1 billion incentive fund for women’s economic empowerment.

And please also check out additional related work for the next administration: