International Development Cooperation After Brexit⁠: Supplementary Evidence

Following her submission of written and oral evidence to the United Kingdom's House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee in January 2019, Mikaela Gavas submitted further evidence to the Sub-Committee in August 2019. In her evidence Gavas provides advice on how the UK can remain involved and influential in the EU development programme post-Brexit. 

From the evidence:

While there has been a sense of inevitability about continued UK-EU cooperation after Brexit, little analysis has been done on how the UK could work with, and benefit from, existing and planned EU structures, and what it could do beyond the confines of the EU structures. This supplementary submission addresses two key questions: (1) whether there is any scope for continued, bespoke British involvement in the EU development programme post-Brexit; and (2) whether the UK can maintain some of its policy and political influence over broader European development cooperation once it has exited the EU.


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