The IMF and Methane Reduction

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Methane Reduction for Climate and Development
November 29, 2023
By incentivizing companies to capture and use currently wasted gas, countries can eliminate a threat to human health and food security, increase energy access, and help generate tens of billions of dollars per year for national economies.





9:00—10:30 AM ET / 2:00-3:30 PM GMT
Practical Action on Methane Emissions: How the IMF and Others Can Help
November 06, 2023
For this event, the Center for Global Development brings together the perspectives of country policy makers and regulators, fiscal policy experts, and researchers to share insights on how some countries are already leading in application and on how other countries can benefit. Solutions are in part ...
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The IMF’s 2023 Climate Resolutions—A Modest Idea for a Quick Win on Methane
April 07, 2023
Another spring and summer season of international meetings follows yet another dire warning on climate, with action again lagging pledges. We need a “spring cleaning” of global ambition to focus on practical goals that can be achieved this year. Each institution—multilateral and national, public and...
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A Practical Proposal on Methane for 2022: From Climate Pledges to Action
February 15, 2022
Generating swift action on climate change in 2022 faces great challenges, yet one initiative— methane reduction in the energy sector—provides an unusual and attractive opportunity.
A Practical Proposal on Methane for 2022: From Climate Pledges to Action (Note)
February 15, 2022
While countries face daunting political challenges in the race against time to fulfill the climate pledges made at COP26 in Glasgow, some policy initiatives are easier than others. Cutting methane emissions by reducing wasteful flaring of natural gas stands out as an immediate political opportunity ...