Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an independent US foreign assistance agency with a focused mission to reduce poverty through economic growth. MCC’s model is based on fundamental principles of aid effectiveness, with an emphasis on partnering with well-governed countries, letting partner countries lead program development and implementation, and incorporating measurement of results throughout the lifespan of a project. MCC has generally enjoyed broad bipartisan support and remained free of spending directives, a factor that has been critical for the agency to operationalize its groundbreaking model.

CGD has followed MCC since the agency’s inception, establishing the MCC Monitor to provide analysis and research on the agency’s operations and effectiveness. The US Development and Policy Initiative's work and engagement with MCC centers on the practical implementation of the agency’s model, including in the areas of country candidacy and eligibility, the agency’s focus on results, the application of a country ownership model in practice, and prospects for extending the model to regional and sub-national levels.

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